Trap Glaze Machine


The machine has been studied to execute internal glazing of included WC: siphon, rim and the part in front of the siphon. Through the use of this system, all practical problems are resolved. They attend when a worker has to put glaze on piece’s internal surface. In fact, some siphons and rims parts are not easily reachable because of their special conformation. For this reason, the only way that has allowed a total application of glaze, has been the complete filling of the piece, the liquid has entered through discharge. Then a sharp emptying has permitted to eliminate excessive glaze and has allowed to the remaining glaze to be fixed on internal WC’s walls, that are in this way completely glazed. The machine is completely built-in stainless-steel alloy to proof against scouring of earthenware vanishes.
The machine is composed by two units connected to each other:
1. Principal unit: Single Head Trap Glazing Machine.
The Principle unit – Single Head Trap Glazing machine is composed by following parts:
1. Stainless steel tank,
2. Cradle to support pieces,
3. Glaze filling system,
4. Adjustable level sensor,
5. Cylinder for glaze filling system,
6. Cylinder and bar locks-piece,
7. Control key-board,
8. Main electrical panel,
9. Pneumatic control board
10. Main pressure regulator
11. Recirculation pump (connected to the pipe that goes to a sieve)
2. Filling pump (connected to the recirculation tank)
3. Gear box for moving cradle

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