Why Alkaline Water?

What is alkaline water?

Alkaline water is drinking water with an increased pH level than regular drinking water. Alkaline water helps to fight several diseases, boost your immune system, help to achieve and maintain optimum health and well being.


Alkaline water helps to improve the overall quality of life by preparing the body to remain healthy and delaying aging process.


What is pH level?





pH level is a measure to check the level of acidity in drinking water.  pH level is measured in the range between 0 to 14.


  • 0 – 6.9 in pH level shows that water is acidic.
  • 7 in pH level shows that water is pure and neutral.
  • 7.1 – 14 in pH level shows that water is alkaline.


Why drink alkaline water?


  • Includes strong antioxidants:

Antioxidants are important particles that battle radicals. That can possibly damage the immune system of our body. We are endangered to radicals frequently, through air pollution, water pollution, and unhealthy foods. That’s the reason we need antioxidants regularly to kill radicals from the body. Drinking alkaline water is an excellent source of regular antioxidants.


  • Increases hydration:

The major benefit of alkaline water is good hydration. Alkaline water is most essential for every people who are related to sports and need optimal hydration. Alkaline water has less molecular content, allowing it to be more efficiently occupied by the body. There are also more ionized minerals in alkaline water, which helps better oxygen and blood circulation.


  • Acquired from minerals:

Alkalizing water by minerals is a natural process. In nature, fresh water flows down river rock areas, where the water picks up essential minerals and changes the water alkaline. Our product Aqua Prill use this natural method of transforming alkaline water.


  • Helps Detoxification:

By drinking alkaline water, you are helping your body to clean away toxins and chemicals. Drinking water in plenty of amounts every day is necessary for body health and the detoxification process.


  • Balance pH level in your body:

Our body is regularly working to keep the alkaline balance of the blood. However, when our body is too acidic, it puts pressure on other areas of our body to keep the balance. An acidic body can cause various health issues, including disease, cell distortion, and acid regression. Most foods now come with full of acidic minerals and therefore it is very essential to fight acid by drinking alkaline water. Natural alkaline water will counterbalance the acid levels in your body, thus balancing your pH levels.


  • Boosts the immune system our body:

By drinking alkaline water regularly, you will have a healthier immune system. Drinking alkaline water balances pH levels in your body and supports to fight free radicals, which are both very important in keeping overall body health and keeping the immune system working optimally.


  • Decreases acidic minerals from our body:

Many people experience heartburn or acid reflux. Research has proved that alkaline water can decrease the acidic minerals in the stomach, therefore decreasing the burning feeling. Alkaline water also begins the protein pepsin, which can fight reflux. Through a healthful diet and drinking alkaline water, acid reflux can be reduced.


  • Help to lose weight:

An acidic body, caused by swallowing the average diet consisting of junk foods, is more likely to increase weight because it is not digesting food properly. An acidic body produces more fat cells than an alkaline body. Alkaline water compensates the acid in the body, reducing the production of fat cells. Also, if you see what you eat, exercise and drink alkaline water, you will be fine on your way to attaining your weight loss aims.


  • Eliminates other harmful minerals:

Alkaline water not only adjusts your pH levels and alkalizes your body, but it also eliminates harmful minerals found in normal drinking water. Alkaline water can remove fluoride, micro-plastics, bacteria, chlorine, herbicides, sediments, parasites, industrial chemicals, heavy metals, odors, and flavors.


  • Save your money:

Our product Aqua Prills is much affordable than other products on the market. Think about the cost of buying vitamin and mineral supplements for the full family. This is much more costly than our product Aqua Prills.


Healthy Water, Healthy Living!!


Aqua Prills treat water by alkalinizing it-Creating hexagonal water clusters to make “thin” water at home!

They adjust the pH in the water you consume, that to naturally and helps hydrate and rejuvenate your body for efficient functioning- that too in non-hazardous, safe & cost effective way.


Net weight: 90gms



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